Kelbe Goupil

Why I Am Joining The March : I was diagnosed in 2014 with an autoimmune disease. It has changed my life-my professional plans, my level of physical and social activity, even my brain chemistry. I have struggled to find medical professionals who understand my disease and provide the support I need-and who accept insurance. The reality is that millions of women suffer from an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune diseases disproportionately affect women. Autoimmune diseases are under-reasearched, misunderstood, and often not recognized by institutions or social services as being dibilating, when they usually are. Women with these illnesses suffer silently, and without complain. We are the strong, smiling ones in your office who go home and can barely make dinner or shower. We are the quietly smiling ones at your baby shower who have suffered numerous miscarriages as a result of our disease. We are the brave faces on the street who have sever anxiety and depression as side effects of our incurable disease. We are strong and we are not talked about enough. We deserve better medical care, better social services, and better insurance. I am participating in the Disability Walk to express my solidarity with my sisters who suffer from autoimmune diseases or chronic illnesses.


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