I’m joining the march because I’m scared to death of what will happen to me when the Republicans attack my Medicare and SSDI. I have RSD/CRPS do to a surgeon butchering my foot. The statute of limitations was ended just as a new surgeon found the root of my issues, but then, it was too late. I want to protect the rights of people who are vulnerable, due to race, religion or disability.

I worked as a teacher in inner city Detroit for 23 years before I became disabled. My heart was broken when I had to leave the classroom and now, I am still disabled, but want to find a new job, but I cannot drive my stick shift car due to disability and don’t have the funds for a new one. If there was funding for job training, a car and car insurance, I would be able to get back in the workforce advocating for people who don’t have the resources to do it themselves.

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