Woman sitting cross-legged on a bench, long brown hair, smiling, green plants in the background. 
 I would like to join this disability march because I cannot physically attend a gathering or protest. This is a wonderful opportunity to stand in solidarity with others facing health limitations, to show that we can still participate and contribute. Thank you to the creators for community organizing and giving us a collective voice here. All of our bodies are valuable.
Biographical: I’m writing in as a 25-year-old woman living with an invisible disability. My experience of chronic illness (POTS and EDS) has significantly impacted my day-to-day experience. For the past three years I’ve struggled with major limitations, often making it difficult to leave the house and be an active member of a local community. I so wish my body were able to hit the streets as an activist! Regardless, there are other creative ways we can stand together and resist this administration. Happy to be with all of you in spirit.

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