I am unable to join the march because I have a hard time walking even with my walker.  After 30 years of pain from Adult Stills Disease and 12 surgeries everything is hard for me.   But this walk is so important to show Trump and all the Republicans that there are people all over the country that do not agree with what they have planed for the US.  We want to move forward with equal rights, respect for everyone,  saving the esrth.  And we believe that everyone has a right to health care and an education that will not bankrupt them.  We believe that every citizen has a right and duty to vote for the person that will bring our country into the vision of the US they bilieve is best.  Every person has a right to work without fear of being fired  for no reason .  Our young citizens should not be afraid of the police stopping them and getting shot. The country should not be afraid of being pushed into a unjust war.
Mr Trump cannot fulfill any of those requirements for that vision of the world held by a majority of our population.

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