Lillian Ripley

I am joining the disability march because I fear for the lives and well being of my friends and family. I am joining to oppose the regime that is actively endangering POCs, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, disabled, the arts, the sciences and the environment. I’ve worked in children’s theatre and as a nanny. In those positions I’ve worked with many amazing kids: Trans kids, LGB kids, kids of color, kids in poverty, kids with chronic illness. I am here to fight for their future.

I can’t be in DC and I am not well enough to march in Seattle but I am still HERE. 

I am a queer artist and designer from Seattle, WA who lives in chronic pain due to fibromyalgia. 

Photo on 1-20-17 at 2.52 PM.jpg
A woman with black hair and dark eyes wearing a black hat in front of a bookshelf holding a sign stating “WE ARE IN DANGER”

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