Marjory Klein

My name is Marjory Klein. I am 61 and from Lawrenceville, NJ. I am joining the Disability March because I am recuperating from knee replacement surgery and have severe sciatica.

I am joining to implore our government not to let the person sitting in the Oval Office take away all the freedoms and rights that minorities and disenfranchised have earned over the last century. I am joining to remind the government that everyone has ownership of their own body, and no one person or group of people can legislate our actions. I am joining so we can prevent the Civil War and the Holocaust from ever happening again. I am joining to keep America great because we are stronger together!
I am a college administrator and classical singer. Although I’ve lived in New Jersey for 20 years. I consider myself a proud native New Yorker!

Smiling woman with short gray hair sitting in a restaurant.

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