I’m joining the march because I have a seizure disorder and cannot legally drive to the march in Washington. My brain surgery and subsequent diagnosis render me a walking pre-existing condition. I can’t function without my daily medication, and without insurance, it costs over $600 per month. Though I am a woman, and a disabled woman at that, I am still a person who deserves full and equal access to the benefits of our society, as well as full and equal protection from tyranny, fascism, and oppression.

I grew up in Colorado, but now I live in southwestern Pennsylvania with my partner and my dog. I want to live in a world where not only myself, but also my three younger sisters, are all afforded the same rights, privileges, and opportunities for self-determination as the greatest members of our society.

A woman wearing wire-frame glasses, a black shirt, and a silver necklace, with her hair pulled back into a ponytail; she also wears a fascinator hat that has a white base with black and red plumes. She appears in front of a wallpapered wall with white and yellow stripes.

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