Why I Am Joining The March : Trump and his cabinet choices are frighteningly unqualified. I live ten minutes from Atlantic City, NJ, and have seen firsthand the damage Trump has caused to the community. He lacks empathy, is self-serving, and ill-informed. If he was a student running for college or high school president, his actions and his words regarding people of color, women, and just about anyone else that he views as an inferior, would disqualify him immediately. He has no political experience, and his hate and misogamy cannot be justified by ignorance, as he was born into a position of wealth that afforded him every opportunity to pursue a wider perspective and understanding of others, yet he chose to focus only on his own wealth. I am a TBI survivor and rely on Medicare. My life depends on it. I am pro-choice and not willing to give anyone else reign over what I do with my body. The people I love are a diverse group and include teachers, members of the LGBT community, people of color, immigrants, writers, the disabled, people of all religions, and activists. I believe in stricter gun laws, and that while our military needs less funding, our infrastructure and our school systems need more. I believe everyone deserves housing, health care, food, and an education that can prepare them for a better future. I believe “big banks” must be dismantled. I don’t believe wall street investors should hold positions in government office. I believe the electoral college is an outdated mode of voting. I believe the minimum wage should be raised, and could be, if small businesses were taxed fairly, and large corporations and the rich were taxed accordingly and prevented from outsourcing jobs, thereby allowing them to pay lower taxes in other countries while nearly none here, in the USA. I believe in the legalization of marijuana, rehabilitation and psychological help rather than criminal sentences for non-dangerous offenders, and in the dismantling of private prisons. I’m embarrassed for my country, and I’m saddened by the hatred and violence Trump has incited. I resent his administration choices who are not versed in their roles, but instead are billionaires and personal friends of Trump. I believe his children should have no place in the administration whatsoever. The presidency is not a small family business. It’s a global economy and not every country shares our values (which are in question, presently). I don’t believe he’s capable of keeping America safe. I don’t believe his concern is with the ordinary people who struggle to keep a roof over their heads every day. I don’t believe he cares about equal education or free college for all students. I don’t believe he’ll “Make America Great Again” as he’s already caused a great deal of division between people by exhibiting a bullish nature, displaying intimidating behaviors, and spreading lies. He also refuses to take criticism, has admonished the press, and refuses truths such as a need to find new fuel sources to prevent global warming. This is the short list. Trump is not an example of a man to whom our children can or should aspire to likening themselves to, or patterning themselves after . He’s a swindler, a cheat, a liar, a womanizer, a racist. He’s everything that America is not meant to be.

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