Melanie Bazzell

5 years ago, a car accident re-created my life, without my consent. I’ve undergone several back surgeries, including a recent spinal cord surgery. I have a brain injury that leaves me with multiple deficits including visual processing, audio processing, motor skills, confusion, brain fatigue, memory, attention, and many more.
I re-created my life by picking up a paintbrush, with no experience, and practicing my new found love for painting every single day. My eyes see life through an entirely new lens. I am now an artist and paint every day, to express my new life, which others have no possible way of understanding. I also share my life with four chickens. I advocate for animal rights. I advocate for chicken rights. Chickens are highly intelligent, they are as intelligent as a four-year-old, and a dog. When they are domesticated, just like any animal, they will snuggle, communicate with you, solicit hugs and love. I learn beautiful lessons from them each day as I paint outside and they sit in my lap, wanting to be held, snuggled, and chatting with me in their chicken language ( I now understand their language. They understand some of mine as well. )
I strongly advocate for LGBT rights. In fact, I advocate for all human rights. It is my belief that the gay community lacks judgment of age, gender, size, shape, and race. It is my believe that those who have experienced life long adversity, don’t have a space in their heart for judgment.
I am not always in my chair, Although following each surgery, I find myself living in my chair for an indefinite amount of time.
Thank you for taking the chance to know me.

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