I’m marching to open a conversation about disability, and to support any person in a marginalized group.  I believe that more education and awareness about disability will lead to more understanding and access, and better outcomes for everyone, including those without disabilities.  I have conditions that are severely misunderstood and underfunded, and I’m determined to use all my strength to change this for better, not stand by while things get worse.  Sometimes the obstacles are small, but I find that a lot of little obstacles add up to one big mountain.  I’m marching because sometimes I still feel the need to stay silent about my experiences as a means of self-protection, and I know there are many others who still feel too intimidated to stand up to bullies.  Most importantly, I’m marching because even though my illnesses are invisible, I am not!!!
Bio:  Fighting to overcome illness since 2004, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.  My primary diagnoses are Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Chronic Migraine, and Cone-Rod Dystrophy.  Despite physical and visual impairments, I always find something to be glad about!

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