Mies Chiang and Elizabeth Spaar

A boy in a baseball cap smiles

My son Mies and I cannot attend the march because of Mies’s autism and vision impairment but we stand opposed to this administration’s policies of discrimination against people with disabilities, women, people of color and so many more. Parents in the autism community know a lot about having to fight the powers that be to advocate enforcement of our children’s rights. Now, those very rights are being threatened. Mies’s advocacy group Let Mies See will oppose Trump at every turn and not back down!

Mies is a seventh grader in the St. Anthony’s program in Pittsburgh, Pa. He has autism, galactosemia, microcephaly and is legally blind. His mother Elizabeth is a physician who started the Let Mies See advocacy group and who is on the autism spectrum as well.  Find us at: www.LetMiesSee.com

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