Paula Meier, ButterflyMoon

Middle aged woman wearing purple and a large black hat, sitting in an electric mobility scooter. 

I am joining the disability march because I can no longer walk more than a few feet. Multiple auto-immune issues and the need for two knee replacements make it impossible for me to get to my local march in Pasadena, CA. I am marching for a women’s rights to choose and make her own healthcare decisions, the rights of the disabled, the needs of the working poor for decent affordable healthcare, the acceptance of the LBGTQ community, religious freedom (including freedom from religion),  and the belief that being different does not make anyone a second class citizen. Equality is not enough if it is not equitable for all. I worry about the current climate of hatred and anger will continue to deny people their human rights and dignities. Personally, I worry about losing my ACA insurance. I spent 15 + years without health coverage and I am currently paying the price for that lack of care.


I am a widow with a Bachelors degree who spent years as a support peer counselor for the Lupus Foundation. I am a jewelry designer and ordained spiritual advisor. In spite of my disabilities, I am still working.

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