Phoebe Smith

I want to join the march on Saturday to protest the administration. But, I cannot march, talk, breath or move (except for one eye). I am in the Locked-In condition due to a blood clot to my brainstem. It happened while I was a senior in college. I spell by looking up for the correct letter within each word.

I am involved with environmental issues and protecting animals.  I used to write children’s stories and whimsical poetry. I worry about the health of America.  So I now am reviving my love of writing, with a focus on nature and animals.

Trump’s pick for education secretary (Betsy DeVos) concerns me. As my chosen field was teaching, I have realized we need to improve the public school system at the federal level. It can be done. Instead, we read how she has been involved in privatizing schools, with a bent on imposing a religious point of view. Our Founding Fathers were adamant about the separation of church and state. To top it off, she has no teaching degree and is unfamiliar with public schools and has no idea what the prominent issues are. She was untruthful when questioned before the Senate whether she was involved with her mother’s foundation, which contributes heavily to anti-LGBT and other controversial, extremists groups. But, we find she was vice-president of that group for 13 years! Her plans to divert public money to private schools will be unfair to “less-favored” children. I could go on, but I wish to add a word about protecting the disabled (which her plans, also, may not include).

I am a vulnerable person due to my immobility. I inwardly shudder at the thought of Donald Trump being in the same room with me. He has bragged about grabbing women’s parts and kissing, in a perverted way, females who have not given permission. He has watched teen girls undressing, describing it in a leering way. How were people convinced to elect such a person to be our national leader? He, and other Republicans, now plan to lessen medical, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid coverage for the elderly, poor and disabled. They claim to represent Christians, but do not follow Christ’s lead. Do they know what He preached? How ironic they want to blend church and state! “You measure the degree of civilization of a society by how it treats its weakest members.” – Winston Churchill

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