Renee M

I march because I am honestly scared that the man sitting in the seat of ultimate power in this country is about to turn it into an oppressive, fascist dictatorship.  I march because my people were put into concentration camps and slaughtered by the millions and I am terrified that it may happen again.  I march because I am more than my gender or my disability and I refuse to let anyone take that power away from me or my sister, my niece, or my mother.  I march because he is only one man and we are many and if we stand together, we also stand a chance of keeping each other safe.

I am a veterinarian; I am a teacher; I am a scientist.  I am a daughter, and a sister, and an aunt.  I read, I write, and I love to talk.  I am a musician, and a singer, and a practicer of many crafts.  The rest is just window dressing.

Thank you so much for organizing this!

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