Rev. Rebecca Ann Crystal, C.A.W.


I have marched since 1979 for women’s rights and civil rights and Queer rights and Neo-Pagan rights. I am disabled in a number of ways now and can’t march. Cant stand for lon either. I am greatful for this new way to march so that I can participate in action until I die.

I am a Feminist from 1976. A charter member of MS magazine and now a lifelong member. I have been around long enough to see it come around again. I live in Texas, in a conservative county of Texas, and am trying to organize here, or find an organization already started. I am an LCSW, a Unitarian Universalist, a minister of the Church of All Worlds, and a proud Queer. I join with all who resist tRump and what he stands for. I work for America to survive and thrive.

A white woman with a hat on sits with a wreath of green at my crown, looking solemnly into the camera. My first selfie.

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