Samina Sundas

A woman smiling in a blue scarf wrapped loosely around her face.

Why I’m Marching:
I want to march to spread the love in our nation that is needed more than ever. I want to support all of my fellow Americans and protect human dignity by honoring their struggles.

About Samina:
Samina F. Sundas is the founder and Executive Director of the American Muslim Voice Foundation. Her focus is in fostering friendships among all Americans and to walk on the path Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s paved for all of us. She is committed to work towards building an inclusive and beloved community. She enjoys working with and learning from youth. She specially is interested in empowering young women to become leaders of tomorrow. She is an advocate of civic engagement through volunteerism. She believes through education and social interaction we can build an inclusive and beloved nation where all of us feel safe and at home.

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