Sarah Stanton


With luck (and accessibility accommodations), I’ll be marching tomorrow in San Francisco. But in some ways the Disability March is more important to me. This is me marching with my own people, adding my voice to a collective chorus that has been ignored for far too long. As I’m writing this the pages on disability have vanished from the White House website. As I’m writing this millions of people don’t know if they’ll have access to essential healthcare tomorrow. Many of them don’t know if they’ll survive the next four years. I’m not even American, I just live here, but I love this country and I’m scared for its future and if I have to fight for it from my bed then that’s what I’m going to do. The one bright spark in all of this is that I get to fight alongside all of you.

Sarah Stanton is a writer, and she’s still a writer even when she’s not well enough to write. She runs, a project aimed at bringing a little healthy joy and awe back into the world, and blogs about life with disability at She lives with a man, a cat, and ten chronic illnesses. They are the worst sitcom ever.

A woman wearing a pink butterfly headband grinning and holding a doll that is also wearing a pink butterfly headband.

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