Shanna Yule

A woman wearing a baseball cap with her blonde hair down underneath it smiles at the camera. She wears a Wisconsin hoodie.

Why I Am Joining The March:
I have battled Chronic Late Stage Lyme Disease for over 25 years. I am disabled. I cannot work. Most days I cannot even leave my bed or the couch because of pain, fatigue, and a billion other symptoms I fight 24/7. I do the best I can to just stay alive, day to day.

Why do I march? Easy. I depend on Social Security Disability, Medicare, Medicaid, and other state support, including Section 8/HUD, in order to survive. I am a woman. I need access to proper care, birth control, and so on. I also have many friends and family that are from various cultures, sexual orientation, and religions. I worry for them. Just as I worry for me.

The new administration scares me. It stands for so much that I oppose. Because of this change in power, I now wonder; Will have insurance, access to care, or the same income, come this same time next year? I don’t know. I live month to month, mere pennies to my name. Without Medicare/Medicaid and other assistance that is being threatened at this time, I will be on the streets. My medical expenses would be in the thousands without it. To lose this coverage, would be, literally to lose my life.

I wish I could march in person but my health prevents me, no matter how much my heart longs to be there. I want my voice to be heard, in unison, with all of my other sisters and brothers, who are out there marching. I am with you.

Our voices to matter, we will stand up for our way of life, our rights, and the need for equality for all. We must fight, now, more than ever.

Together we stand. Love will trump hate. ❤

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