Hello. Just found out about this… I’m both disabled and elderly. Was considering a Sister March, until I heard that they are not accepting Pro -Lifers against Trump (which leaves out 40 % of women, from what I’ve read). I do believe in abortion is very extreme circumstances; it’s more the “leaving out” of any woman that bothers me.

Nevertheless, since this is more about Disability, I am REALLY UPSET over our Health Care (and other SAFETY NET benefits) being gutted by this King of Cruelty and Craziness! I see us detoxing and dying on the streets.

I have several conditions which qualify me for Disability. Too many to list, and boring. Let’s just say, chronic pain and fatigue, and leave it at that. The public doesn’t need to know details.

I sing, write, and help others, in my spare time; had I more time and retail access, I would have crocheted a pussy -hat! Oh well.

Thank you for this opportunity,

Starflower (small flower with smile in the center)

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