Sue Hannon


I am joining the Disability March because I have been unable to work since 2008 due to often debilitation fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety. My sole income is Social Security Disability, and I just barely make ends meet. Access to healthcare and mental health care are vitally important to me. I fear that the Trump administration and the 115th Congress will strip the programs that provide me with healthcare services and keep me able to support myself in my own home. I fear these changes will impact millions like me.
Since I became unable to work, I have learned to hold my depression at bay through developing a close connection with nature – specifically birds. Birding and photographing birds keep me mentally strong, even when my fibro pain is at its worst. My passion for birds has led me to developing an interest in conservation. I am terribly afraid that our government is going to ignore the single most important issue facing us today – the climate change crisis. I worry about many other issues that I see looming disasters from Trump and his agenda, but the environment scares me most.

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