Susan Brown Aweida Plu

A woman with a flowered blouse and dark hair stands in a field of sunflowers. She is smiling.

Why I Am Joining The March : For too long I have focused on just life in my own little circle. Generally comfortable and safe in the trust that our American leaders could be reasonably relied on to represent and care for me, my family, my city, my state and my country. Complacent is the kindest term I can use to describe my attitude towards political life. Of course I voted! Of course I followed the news! However, not until the elections of 2016 did I feel that “shit was getting real”. I always thought that soon a strong leader would prevail and the powers that be would go back to minding themselves in basically acceptable or tolerated ways. Now the blinders are off, I honestly believe that we now have leadership that has no interest, regard or ability to represent and care about “we the people”. The lack of compassion in policy and decision making is overwhelmingly intolerable to me. In my opinion the lack of experience, ethics, and education is unfathomable. Few elected representatives in my region seem to have much knowledge, honesty and wisdom. I can no longer, will no longer just go along for the ride. I must speak up; take action and show up best as I can to promote what matters to me as a woman, an adult, a caregiver, a small business owner, a mother and a wife. And yet, this time period also coincides with some health and mobility issues that must be attended to. I cannot compromise my future health status further by weakening the strength that I do have. Call me a virtual marcher and warrior, one who takes local action for the greater good. I’m in DC in spirit on Saturday! Thank you all that keep up the good work.

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