Tara Plutz


A brunette woman with green eyes, freckles, and black rimmed glasses.

My name is Tara Plutz and I live in Virginia. I am a 35-year-old disabled women and I run an awareness page for invisible illnesses called Count My Spoons.

I March because I have a rare genetic disease that causes tumors to grow in my Endocrine system, endometriosis, cluster migraines and anxiety and depression. Otherwise known as pre-existing conditions. I believe I shouldn’t have to choose between life saving treatments and bankrupting my family.

I March for my LGBQT family members and the inherent rights that they are entitled to. Because love is love is love.

I March because I have a daughter and I want her to be respected for her mind not her body. Because women’s rights are human rights.

Thank you so much for putting this together for those that can’t be there.

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