The Princessa

I have “invisible” disabilities-Major Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia, PTSD and Aspergers.

I also have my own page on FB, The Princessas. I post from Harriet Rubin’s book The Princessa. The title is from an anglicized version of the words “principle” and “excellence.” Today’s excerpt was particularly fitting:

A princessa doesn’t say no to herself. She doesn’t fade into the shadows when she should make herself formidable and noticed. Joan of Arc wore white into battle in order to look big and obvious. Not so she would get shot, but just the opposite. An enemy who sees that you cannot be intimidated is not likely to try to intimidate you. Self-denial, pencil-thinness, a position on the sidelines—none of these afford power.”

A female in light-colored armor on horseback, pointing into the distance. There are gray flags behind her. She is fierce.

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