Tracy has shoulder-length dark hair and wears glasses. She is sitting at her desk 

My name is Tracy. I would love to be part of the March in D.C. tomorrow, but haven’t been able to take part in marches or lengthy walking activities in a long while. Though I did have full knee replacement in both knees, I am still obese, and have back issues as well due to a cyst on my right sciatic nerve. I can walk a bit, but would be unable to keep up and would end up sick and in pain.

I want to march because I believe women are the true backbone of the country and the world. Without us, there would be no life or history on earth as we know it. A woman’s true beauty shines outward from within the darkest places of her soul. A woman has been there and done the things that only women can do, and we have earned every right to be seen and heard by all. Our bodies are our own, and our bodies are not to be touched by anyone without permission. We have the right to make decisions for ourselves about what we will and will not do to or with our bodies. We have a right to make difficult and private decisions about childbirth. We should only answer to ourselves, and whomever or whatever we believe our higher power to be. We have taken on hellish battles in life. And, we feel sorrow our country collectively has let us down by allowing a man into the highest office in America, who has never respected women in any way whatsoever. Because of great women who came before us, we cannot stop working towards a freedom we have earned to be treated with utmost respect by all.
I became a master’s level mental health clinician at age 50.

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