I’m joining the disability march because my mom is going to the Denver Women’s March, and I can’t go because it’s a hassle and exhausting for me with the wheelchair. I really wanted to go, but I didn’t want to bring it up because I felt it would be too much work for her, and might cost more money anyway. I use the chair to conserve energy (I have fibromyalgia), but after everything was said and done, I didn’t think even the chair could protect me from the cost to my energy the following day or days. When I learned there was an online alternative I was reminded that I had really wanted to go in the first place, and excited that now there was a way to make that feasible for me and people like me. I’m still trying to get my life in order, get a high school degree (I’m 19) and make my way towards a slightly more independent living situation, but I’m far from that goal right now. Still, I love people and feel strongly about things, I care a lot, and I want to do way more than my body often lets me. This online version is the perfect opportunity for me to show the world where I stand (or sit!) on these topics without debilitating me or those around me, so I’m really glad for this existing!

Young man in mostly dark gray and black with glasses and short hair, dyed blue on top, sitting in a wheelchair with a shy smile.

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