View of a lake through an opening in under brush on a shoreline.

I think that a lot of people feel we are in a post-feminist culture– that women and men are treated equally. Sadly, this is just not so. I am marching because we continue to live in a culture that at the core truly does not treat men and women as equal, as evidenced throughout the previous year election cycle that expected the female candidate to meet ridiculous standards while expecting hardly anything of the male candidate. I march because we have each been fearfully and wonderfully made by the Lord. I march because when you do not agree with what is going on, you have the right and responsibility in this country to say so in a nonviolent and respectful manner. I march not to overthrow authority but, to make those in positions of power and privilege realize that they have an obligation to all citizens in this nation to act on behalf of the well-being of all even if they do not get the outcome they desire in the process.

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