Barbara Martello

Barbara has long brown hair and wears a gray cowl neck sweater. She smiles, and stands in front of white tree blossoms. 

I am joining this march because my heart aches to stand up against the incoming administration. I was diagnosed with brain cancer and had surgery this fall. I couldn’t have had my treatment without the ACA as I have always been uninsurable due to minor pre-existing conditions. Without the work of President Obama, that tumor would still be in my head because I would not be able to afford the $700k+ treatments I required this fall. It’s still very difficult to be in large crowds. I’m very sensitive to chaos and noise and would not be able to tolerate being at a large event in San Francisco or Oakland, which are the closest to where I live. I want to be there, I want to take my husband and my 5 year old and participate, but I know I would not be able to.


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