Ben & Christi

We are joining the Disability March in honor of our 5 month old daughter with Down Syndrome. As I write this we are with her in the pediatric unit of a hospital while our daughter recovers from open heart surgery for a congenital heart defect. We march for her to advocate for her so that she can live the best life possible, no matter what any “politician” has to say. We are unable to march in person this weekend but we want to be an active part of telling this new administration we will not passively sit and watch an assault on our daughter’s rights, education, health, and dignity. We will fight tooth and nail for her and with her.

Our daughter has a CHD and Down Syndrome (trisomy 21). We learned of both of these diagnoses after her birth in August. We are her proud parents and she is our world!

A man and woman with their heads together, both with glasses. The man has a red tee shirt and light brown hair; the woman has a navy shirt and chin length reddish brown hair. They are smiling.

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