Cindy Mac

Cindy has short, curly brown hair and is standing in her apartment wearing a grey, green, and black striped sleeveless dress. 

Because my disability prevents me from traveling to DC like I want to, instead I’m joining the virtual disability community in non-violent solidarity with women proclaiming our right to affordable health care, reproductive rights, respect for all races, genders, disabilities, financial status. I am appalled at the hatred, bigotry, misogyny, bullying, racism and lack of respect for women that the new president exhibits. On his first day in office he already took steps to repeal the successful ACA and eliminate reproductive freedom. I abhor everything that this administration stands for! I’m 56 years old and my disability (Peroneal Muscular Atrophy) is inherited, it’s affected me since birth. My lack of balance and coordination, small motor movement and foot drop slow me down a lot physically. My disability progressed to the point that I had to retire at 44 years old. All my energy goes to taking care of myself and my cats now. Mentally I’m still alert but my body gets more limited over time. I don’t have a webpage or blog yet. I will be there in spirit tomorrow as the peaceful march takes place, emotionally supporting all of the participants!

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