Crystal Romero & T J Smith

Crystal M. Romero

Why I Am Joining The March : I am an older disabled lesbian who survives on SSI and whatever I can earn from my writing.

When I first heard about the march I was so disappointed that I couldn’t attend. Being disabled makes it difficult for me to travel and the few times I do travel, I need a companion to help with things as simple as tying my shoes. In addition to a human companion, I’m always seen with my beloved service dog, a Chihuahua who has literally saved my life several times over. As soon as I saw that this virtual disability march was being set up I was so excited that I could take part.


TJ Smith

Why I Am Joining The March : There are many ways to put boots on the ground. Many times those who are marching are wearing buttons I’ve made or carrying signs that I’ve painted or sporting t-shirts that I have designed. Much as I would love to be there in person, the thing that matters most is THE MESSAGE. I’m blessed to be so richly surrounded by so many who are willing to exercise their feet and their voices on behalf of those of us who would be sidelined otherwise. In this case, I can join in as well and am delighted for the opportunity — because silence is never the answer.

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