Dana L.

Image is a black cat looking fierce with its tail raised and teeth showing. In red letters are the words, “Chin Up, Fangs Out.” Dana says this is the sign she would be carrying if she could march. 

I am joining the Disability March to take my place beside all of the fierce, loving warriors who are fighting this new president and his attacks on all marginalized people. I march because healthcare, civil rights, and LGBTQIA rights are human rights. I march because I am a mother. I march because Black Lives Matter. I march for all immigrants who make this country beautiful and strong.

I have chronic migraine, autoimmune thyroid disease, and a yet to be diagnosed condition affecting my joints. I have been mostly homebound for the past several months. I am incredibly fortunate to have kept my job with good insurance due to a kind boss. No one’s life and livelihood should hinge upon such small threads.

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