Diane L. Camiso

Why I Am Joining The March : I suffered a back injury in the fall and cannot join my sisters on Saturday. I will be there in spirit and have vowed to make at least one phone call every day, send one email and at least one letter every week. Good Luck Everyone and I will be watching and cheering all of you little snowflakes. Enough snowflakes and you have an avalanche! I will be marching as soon as I get back on my feet.


We must join together and keep our focus – health care, women’s rights, reproductive rights and gay rights. Our air and water are at risk. This President in conjunction with this Congress will hack away necessary services such as education, healthcare including Medicaid and Medicare, our retirement – increasing the age and cutting the benefits, foodstamps, etc. Forget the Arts. And whatever isn’t cut will be outsourced. Charter Schools run for profit. This worked well with Corrections – we now have a record number of incarcerations, particularly in the minority populations. Social Security privatized – someone will make a lot of money on this. Exxon Mobile will get drilling rights in Russia. tTump has cleared the swamp by welcoming them right into the White House. This administration will give tax breaks to wealthy by either eliminating or making money off of services to the public. Everything will be deregulated except the press – watch out – they have to learn to cover each other’s back and large gatherings. Military spending will increase making the military industrial complex even wealthier and providing manpower and weaponry to protect the assets of Big Oil. This President has so many conflicts of interest- it makes my head spin. I’m ranting. I am also afraid. And this march has restored my faith in humanity. Make it a blizzard o little snowflakes!

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