Emma Cousens

I have been a human rights activist for 50 years. I retired in 1914 due to increasing debility from fibromyalgia. It drains me daily of endurance and I have pain in places I never know one could have pain.

I grew up during desegregation in the south and supported the principles that all are created equal and there should never be barriers to this. I then joined the anti war movement during the 60s and 70s.

After nursing school graduation, I moved to Massachusetts and in my community I ran for and was elected to the Board of Health to provide a medical voice to the all male board. I was their first ever and, sadly their last female. During my 4 terms (over 12 years) I served on numerous DEQ and Dept of Public Health task forces resulting in promulgation of laws that stand to this day. They protect the citizens, environment and even animals.

Now, I have resolved to act locally and think globally. I am a cofounder of our local chapter of Moms Demand Action. We are a nationwide organization for safe and responsible gun ownership. I am able to attend these functions and others that are not demanding on my physical restrictions.

Thank you for this great opportunity to be there from my home! This will be a day that will live in history as women and supporters combine our voices to support people all over America and the world!

Close up of a woman’s face, wearing glasses, with gray / brown hair.

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