Group of 10 Marchers

My name is Eva Gabrielle. Nickname: Stargate12

I am joining the disability march because I don’t walk well right now.
I am a strong believer in safety for all human beings.
I am a retired Unity Minister. In the course of 24 years I ran 5 churches.
I was born AND raised in Norway, and have lived in this country for many years. I have 3 grown sons and three grandchildren. My dream is to know that everyone feels safe, no matter who they are nor where they live. and how powerful we each are in our own lives.  But sometimes we have to remind the world.


Diane Walsh
Why I Am Marching: I’m 68 years old, a college professor, and committed to the vision of Barack Obama’s America. To that end, I long to march in Philadelphia on Saturday, but the painful arthritis in my knees won’t let me walk more than 8-10 blocks at a time, or stand in one place for more than 20 minutes… I thought walking side by side with you, my sisters, wasn’t going to be in the books for me. But, now, to have the chance to ‘walk’ with you ‘virtually’ makes me feel a real part of this nation-wide march….and for that I will be forever grateful. I know this march isn’t going to be a ‘one and done’ action on our part…it’s going to be the spark of many more actions to come when we continue to fight the good fight, and do all we can to protect and support the rights/freedoms/health of women, children, the middle class, the disabled, the LGBT community, and the vast numbers of disenfranchised among us. I am very proud to ‘march’ with all of you because I know we are going to have many more challenges ahead, and I truly believe in the POWER OF THE PEOPLE—yes, Hillary, WE ARE DEFINITELY STRONGER TOGETHER!!


Mona Baker
Why I Am Marching: I am joining via online participation, to fight for the rights of women, African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, the LGBTQ Community, and the special needs community. I am also especially concerned about having the ACA repealed, particularly for the over 100 million Americans with chronic illnesses, such as myself.

Laura Tuthall
Why I Am Marching: I care deeply about all human rights and I am therefore afraid for the future of our country. As a young woman living alone with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, I often feel powerless to effect change. I am proud to participate in a project that is giving a voice to the disabled community. In a nation where half of all people killed by police have a disability and attacks like the  Sagamihara stabbings don’t reach mainstream news, I worry that the pervasive silence and stigma around disability will keep costing valuable lives. The relationship between ableism and other forms of discrimination such as racism, sexism, and classism needs to be illuminated for true justice to evolve. Disabled people must be included in activism for this to happen. That’s why I’m joining this march.
I am a disabled singer-songwriter living in NYC. I use music to process my experience, and share it (when health permits) with the hope of reaching others in any kind of pain. I teach Alexander Technique to fellow EDSers, especially the young, in an effort to prevent the next generation from incurring the damage that I did before diagnosis. I am passionate about spreading awareness through art and education. I look forward to a day when disabled people are recognized as full, valuable members of society, and I vow to take part in the work that will get us there.

Mandy Judson
Why I Am Marching: I support woman’s rights. We need to have access to safe affordable medical caand taking away planned parenthood cuts off that access for far to many peole to just stand by and let that happen. I also support the ACA. I have Mast Cell Activation Disorder. You can find out more about this rare disease by looking at the Mastocytosis Society page.

Brianne Sherman
Why I Am Joining The March: I am disabled and not able to be there so this created an opportunity for me! I would love to stand for women’s rights and equality

Emily Margaret
I am joining the disability march because my medical problems keep me from participating in usual everyday life and I need to remain on my parent’s health insurance through the ACA in order to continue seeing my doctors and surgeons. I am joining the disability march because pain from my spine injury interrupts my daily tasks. I am joining the disability march because people of color need more support and privilege, particularly white and/or male privilege, is a huge problem in this country that prevents way to many people from reaching or even knowing about their potential. Donald Trump represents the opposite in progress for understanding medical conditions, biological research, providing health care, providing services to those of us with disabilities, or fighting against privilege and inequality.

I am a recent university graduate that is currently works in biology research that studies the immune response to viral molecules. I have a spine injury that has caused me to become handicapped for the past few months and will last indefinitely. I am a woman and a feminist.

Dakota WhittemoreWhy I Am Joining The March : I am disabled and my rights matter just as much.

Samantha Storey
Why I Am Joining The March : I am unable to match at this time as I am just finishing chemo round 1 preparing for a Stem Cell Transplant. I have 5 daughters and 2 sons and 13 grandchildren that are entitled to all human rights as equals as all humans should be. I am with you all in spirit. Thank you for this opportunity to March with disabilities to feel like I too am supporting the rights of others.

Michelle Tutscheck
I am disabled due to spinal deterioration, and although I look “normal” most of the time, I am often in a removable backbrace for stability. I could barely do the car ride to DC (with lots of stretch breaks) and would not be able to march after that! Can’t afford lodging in the area as I have very little income on SS Disability. Am with you on spirit strong women! Oh, and I did crochet 6 pink pussy hard for marchers to wear as a sign of solidarity.

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  1. Karen Co!e says:

    Thank you for marching with us today! I ‘stand’ by you!


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