Group of 10 Marchers

Kirsten McCorvey:  I wanted so badly to be a part of one of the marches on Saturday, but I am unable because I have a newborn at home and have struggled with Inflammatory Bowel Disease for the last decade. I want to be a part of this online march to show my support for the incredible progress that has been made with the ACA (I have experienced the pain, both emotional and physical, of having an insurance company deny me coverage due to a pre-existing condition) and to stand up for the rights of all people who have felt attacked during this election season.

Sandy McPartlon: I have a spine disability and other injuries that keep me mostly homebound due to mobility challenge. Am very active with FB groups online to resist and provide important information.

Navelgazing Writer: Why I Am Joining The March : I stand for everything “that man,” #NotMyPresident, is against. I stand tall with ALL the maligned and marginalized communities, speaking LOUD, using my voice and words, finding solidarity with others who want our world to be filled with love and peace.

Elizabeth Poteet: I do not believe Donald Trump understands, respects, or will ever advocate for human rights. Women’s rights are human rights. We deserve a President who listens to us rather than abuses us, and with his record of sexual assault, it seems clear that Trump is not interested in listening! Well, it is time to say something he cannot ignore. A march is a great way to voice our needs and make the government realize we will not quietly allow the abuse of specific women’s rights or general human rights.

Constance Dowrick I want it to be known that I to stand beside my Sister’s in support of all that equalizes the standards of life in Americana not just for women but for all individuals.

Margaret Kirrane:  There are so many reasons, but the most important reason are for my loved ones who live in fear of the future. I am joining because I want to give them a reason to hope. Though I can not be there in person, may the world know I stand with them for a better future.

Huda, I remember when we were next door neighbors in new jersey. Growing up I’ve wondered how the world has treated you. We didn’t even speak the same language but we played together daily. I don’t know where you are but our friendship has always brought me hope for peace, I hope you and your family is doing well.Website:

Rebekah A. : We are stronger together, and equal representation and rights must be upheld by those in our highest offices. For all citizens, the future of our planet, and the health of our communities, let’s move forward, together.

Tammy Ellis: I have several disabilities and can’t walk without the help of my walker or service dog safely. I would love to be at the march in Washington DC with my friends who will be there or at the one in Dallas but it is not something I am physically able to do. We need to take a stand and remind people that we’re here and we matter.

Dawn Okinaka: As a woman with a special needs child, a disability of my own and a multi-ethnic family. I feel that is is important to stand up and show that we are willing to fight to keep the rights we have earned and to continue to push for more integration and equality.


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