Group of 10 Marchers

Anonymous: I want to join the march to support all people with disabilities, especially mental health. After 15 years, at age 54, I have had my disability benefits cut. I have bipolar disorder and have been medically declared unable to work. Disability (SSDI) budgets will see even further cuts with the new administration. People need this money to live, to pay for medication and other health care needs.

Katie McMurry: I march for all the women – past, present and most importantly the future – who deserve equal rights in ALL across aspects of our government!

I march for better parental leave and family policies in this country. While I am morally opposed to abortion it’s not my place to make that choice for any other woman. However, if we had better protections in place for new parents (in the workforce especially) it would be a great side note to see abortion rates go even lower. As we as a society eliminate causes of the panic that can come from an unplanned pregnancy we can then eliminate the need for terminating more of those pregnancies. 

Finally, I march for all who would lose healthcare under a repeal of the ACA. Especially those with pre-existing conditions, a disproportionate amount whom are women. The bill of rights states we are entitled to, “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” I firmly believe universal healthcare falls under LIFE, don’t you? 

I’m joining the march here in spirit because my chronic illness will keep me down for a week afterwards and I have adulting to do and two amazing daughters to care for!

 Jan Roberts: I am joining the march, because, Donald Trump scares the hell out of me.

Leigh: I am joining the March because I am sick and tired of other people telling me what to do with my own body and it’s only going to get worse. I’m joining the March because I’m sick of the discrimination that people face just because they’re not white men. I’m joining the March because my Jewish great grandfather would want me to stand up for what is right and to defeat the nazis. I’m joining the March because well behaved women rarely make history. Leigh’s website is:

Kathryn Pasco: I feel so strongly that this new administration needs to see our numbers and solidarity. I am not disabled but I am sold caretaker of my husband so I cannot participate, but I would love to know my voice counted.

Craig Brooks: I’m joining because Trump, Pence, his appointees , and Republicans in general seem hellbent on regressing the country on multiple fronts, particularly with regard to women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and health care protections for the disabled and those with pre-existing conditions. Their xenophobic, racist, and sexist platform and policies are unAmerican and they need to see how many people are going to stand against their fascist tyranny.

Donna Martinez: I am joining the march to make sure that we are more than a rowdy disgruntled bunch. I would like to see this effort coalesce into a formidable body of advocates that will keep issues of women’s rights and needs in the front of not only Congress, but also the general public.

Brittany Brandwein: Being a woman was not a choice and it is my God given right to be treated with respect expected of anyone else. I march for Women’s health, Planned Parenthood, and all those progressives who have come before me and have educated and empowered women and girls among other members of our community.

 Krystal McDonald: I am the full-time caregiver for my son with a physical and cognative disability.

Tammy Olaker: At the moment, mobility problems prevent me from walking any great distance. That does not lessen my resolve to fight any and all injustice in any way possible. Donald Trump is the greatest threat to life on this planet I have ever seen, and I have crawled under a school desk to hide from nukes. Mike Pence and his dominionist followers are a very close second. I will fight.

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