Group of 10 Marchers

Vanessa Stewart: I have severe epilepsy and just had VNS surgery last week or I’d be there not even caring if I had a seizure. My healthcare is life or death for me. I’ve almost died 4 times during ER visits and once seizing while swimming. We can’t let this monster kill innocent people. Let’s keep fighting the good fight.

Breann Huber: Why am I marching? To show my support for women’s rights.

Elise Moyse: I am horrified that this monster will be leading our beautiful country, representing the very worst of us and undoing all the good Obama has accomplished.

Emily: I have lifelong lung disease, now in end-stage. I’m 72; I remember life before Roe v. Wade; I remember when women could not get credit without being married; I remember when an out-of-wedlock pregnancy was disaster. I have lived decades beyond my projected shelf life, thanks to modern and evolving medicine.

I am terrified of women losing the ground we have gained in health care and social rights. I am terrified of what will happen to the children that are yet to be born.

Dawn Malik: I am a 65 year old disabled woman. I am trying to survive on $945 monthly Social Security and $16 monthly Food Stamps. I have stage 4 COPD and must rely on Medicare along with extra help from Medicaid for my health care needs. I am very concerned that myself and others in my situation appear to be of no value to the incoming administration. I want us to ALL live freely in the United States of America. I am very sad that it appears we will now be ruled by people who only respect our net worth and have no respect for their fellow humans. I am a “Nasty” Grandma.

Christina Franco: Why I am Joining the March: Because what is happening to our country must be fought.

Oli: Because I want to make a stand for equality.

Nejla Kalaz: I am a muslim american with multiplesclerosis. Donald Trump is dangerous and I want to be a part of the protest in any way I can so he knows we are watching and will not be silent. We women, Muslims, disabled persons , and every other targeted group will stand together against any legislation that is un-American.

Jessica Page:  I am joining the march because I am a privileged white woman and I am registered Ogalala Yankton Sioux. I am mad as hell. There is no turning back. The fight is on.

Rev. Day: I am a 61 year old woman who had hoped to participate in the local Atlanta March. I have a pink hat and everything! But I am too sick to go so this is the next best option. I have severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I am totally disabled. The policies that may be enacted by the new administration may well kill me. The loss of Social Security, Medicaid, and Food Stamps is a guarantee.

Women are the most powerful people on the planet. Together we can change the world. I want to be counted in that number.


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