Group of 5 Marchers

Jo: I am a native of NH who moved to Florida for retirement. I was a teacher for 39 years. Now that I have retired I am also sick and wheelchair bound. I fear what a Trump administration will do, especially looking at the people he is surrounding himself with. I do not trust that we can move toward world peace with a hateful extremeist in sheep’s clothing at the helm I am thankful that I could express myself here and be part of a protest.

Emma Louise Richards: I am 12 years old and I have cerebral palsy. I wish my mom and I could go to the real walk in DC but its not possible for me to travel so easily. I have been taught that women’s rights are human rights. I can not speak in real life but I do want my voice heard! I want this world to be an equal place for me, my twin sister, my mother and the rest of women in the USA. Its time we all have our voices heard.

Marilyn Gardner: To be visible. To have my voice heard. To count. To speak out against the injustices that divide and marginalize.

Donna Killmade: I want to join the March because Donald Trump stands for all that is wrong with our country. He represents the top 1 percent of the rich getting richer and I want to represent the middle class.

Suzanne: Am 70 yr old retired RN, Feminist actvist, Lesbian, for more than 4 and a half decades.

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