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Kathy Zuckerman:
Why I Am Joining The March: I would love to go on the March to walk in solidarity with my sisters and brothers but I am not able to walk very far. I broke my kneecap and walking is a real challenge. I am worried about all of my sisters and brothers all over the world now that the USA will be run by people who are heartless and incompetent. People all over the world will die needlessly. I think that this is tragic.
My Picture: I don’t have a picture of myself. I am a 68 year old woman with long grey hair.

Claudia Burdick
Why I Am Joining The March : I am a 63 year old nurse.I joining because I support all peoples right \s to access healthcare

Ruth Ann Rich
Why I Am Joining The March:  I am joining the Disability March for my boys and because for over 17 years of 41 years I have been suffering from an invisible incurable disease, Crohn’s. I want there to be more awareness for all of those who suffer in silence from invisible disease. And awareness to the caregivers like my husband who do so much for us who are sick 24/7. My husband is my life saver and I march for him. I am also a mother of a 7 year old only son and miracle, daughter to a mother with Crohn’s as well, sister, and friend. I have family and loved ones and I want to be around for a long time for them, me, and most importantly my son. I am concerned with the utter lack of awareness and compassion in the government when it comes to incurable chronic diseases. We are not our disease. I am not my disease. We are humans first. I march for my son’s future and that I can be a part of it. I march for all those who don’t have the means to advocate for themselves. Sickness is the one demon that has no judgement. It will attack, strike, destroy, rip apart, and trample everything in its path unless we stop it. We need to make sure that those who are sick receive the best care. The same care as the Congress. As the President himself. We all deserve good health that we can afford. In the 21st century we shouldn’t die because we can’t afford treatment.

Cindy Belz
Why I Am Joining The March: I am disabled and I live with a genetic condition that is very painful. It has taken my ability to work away from me. I miss my job so much. I am worried about what will happen. The disability pay is already very low and now we worry about insurance.

You can find Cindy here.

Lilah Morton Pengra
Why I Am Joining The March: Due to physical challenges, I am unable to fly so cannot get to DC. I do want to be included because I have actively worked for women’s rights since 1968. So many of our gains are falling away, just like ice calving off the polar icecaps. In my isolation I begin to feel hopeless. Standing strong with other women and supporters of women’s rights makes me hopeful again. Together we can resist, persist and protect!

Candyce Hagler
Why I Am Joining The March : I am a retired special education teacher with psoriatic arthritis. I want to remind the new POTUS that women will NOT “go gentle into that good night.”

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