Hannah F.

I march because my family has been the target for hate for generations. My father’s family is Shoshone, many of them are currently at the DAPL site fighting for the right to clean water. My mother’s family is Jewish, my great-grandmother was part of the diaspora. My older sister is black, my younger sister is autistic, my mother and I are deaf. We  are still here. I march because so many like us cannot.

I’m a deaf, asexual-aromantic, Jewish-Shoshone girl living in a very republican state. I’ve got one older sister, two younger sisters, a brother, a niece, and a lot of cousins. Growing up, my mother always told us to fight hate with love and positive actions. Now I teach kids and try to help them be a better generation than their predecessors.


A young woman wearing a green coat and blue and beige scarf. She has dark blond hair pulled back with one piece falling in front of her ear. She has pale skin, large brown eyes, wears glasses and smiles slightly.

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