The entire year of 2016 was a year of frustration for me, and especially after the election. I wanted to go out and protest and show my solidarity, but my disabilities make that dangerous at best, out right impossible at worst.

I want to appear at the march this Saturday in St. Louis with my girlfriend, but we were trying to decide if it was worth risking.

I am submitting this to stand in solidarity with my sisters and brothers and niblings, to show that world that even though our bodies may not be able to be there physically, we are still to be heard and are still going to fight as hard as we can for our rights.

I’m fat, queer and disabled and I do not support this man or this administration.

My name is Imogine, I’m fat and queer nonbinary. I live in Missouri though am looking to move state in about a year to a more Queer-and-Disability friendly state.

A fairly large individual with short brown hair and glasses looking into the camera with a big toothy grin. Behind them is a mountainous backdrop.

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