JoAnn Markon

I’m frightened. We have a person in the White House that has made fun of persons with disabilities. We have a person who is not concerned with persons with problems he has not been aquatinted with. I am a disabled person, I have COPD and many surgeries due to a motorcycle accident. I’m in my 60’s and I fear for my disability insurance and Medicare benefits because the person this United States believes will guide our country, our entire country not just the privileged without distress, honestly. 

I want so much to be there to show my support but I can’t and that is heartbreaking to me. I wish all marchers strength and very loud voices. Shout it to the heavens, our bodies, our business. I love you all. 

Shadowy close-up of a woman’s face with short blond hair. There is a striped pillow behind her.

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