Lily Holcomb


Picture of a young child with short brown hair, wearing a red and white striped shirt and glasses. She is sitting in a wheelchair and behind her is a sign that says the words sunshine, happy and love

My name is Lily Holcomb and I am Marching to raise awareness about kids with special needs like me. My Mom has always told me I am a “World Changer” and that I can make a difference in this world with just my smile and the love in my eyes. I am Marching today and my hopes are I can indeed make a difference by doing so. Kids like me need your support and love and you never know… we may just change the world. Notice us and recognize us and feel our love! You will never be the same!

Lily Holcomb 12 years old with Developmental Delays

Submitted by Lily’s Mom, Kendra Holcomb who knows first hand how Lily is changing the world!

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  1. Rachel Bob says:

    We need more World Changers in the world like you Lily! Keep on keeping on! *hugs*


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