Lisa Milligan

Woman with blonde hair with blue streaks in front wearing black glasses and a  nursing t-shirt. 

I am joining the March on Charlotte because I want myself, my daughters, female family/friends/patients, and all women to be treated with respect as strong women, equal opportunities & pay as men, adequate & affordable health care coverage, and the legal ability to choose what is right for their own bodies. Women are strong!

I am been married for 22 years. We  have a 20 year old son and two teenage daughters. I have been a Registered Nurse since 2006. I have been disabled due to ongoing health issues and am fighting my way back! Graduated with my Bachelors in Nursing cum laude from UNCW 12/2016, and recently started my Masters in Nursing-Nurse Educator at UNCW. I am also an animal rescuer and advocate.

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