Rachael Marie Newport

Rachael has straight auburn hair and wears glasses. 

I am Rachael Marie Newport, and I am a winning woman.

Raised in a small town in the Central Valley of Cal­i­for­nia,
I was a pioneer in mainstreaming in Cal­i­for­nia. I also was
active at a young age in grass roots and political campaigning.
I was a Girl Scout from first grade on. From the time I was a
small child, I was placed in the role of leader, mentor, teacher,
and advocate.

My original goal was to get a teaching credential and open an
educational consulting business on the side primarily in the
area of education and special needs. I ran into some snags
along the way. So then I looked for a new path to get me out
of the rut and into the running.

I even wrote a book on the subject, and put it on Amazon.

I am an entrepreneur, I have been a stay at home mom, a
college student, and I have come back time and time again
from adversity. Like the phoenix, I rise from the ashes. Most
recently, I have had to completely start a brand new business
from scratch after the breakup with my fiance who was also
my business partner.

Often women are divided and pitted against each other.

Stay at home moms are made to feel like they should have a
career outside of the home, and that they are “just a
housewife”. That they have no skills or talents because they
are not being paid for what they do.

Women who work outside of the home, are made to feel guilty
because they do not have the time to do many of the things
that stay at home moms get to do, like be part of the PTA,
make sack lunches, and spend more time with their family.

Women who work from home, entrepreneurs like myself, feel
isolated as we work very hard at our computers trying to build
a business. We often struggle just as hard at balancing family
and work, which is ironic since many women choose to work
from home, so they can spend more time with their families.

When we look around at others in our niche, it seems so
much like we are all alone. When we attend face to face
events, it often feels like we are the only woman there.

All of these problems women face tend to divide us and to
make us feel as if we are less worthy than men. That our
talents do not matter. That we do not have something special
to offer others. I have felt this way many times myself.

This needs to stop

We can stop it together.

You are all #winningwomen

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