Image of a black lab service dog being petted by a person outside of the frame. The dog is looking at the camera with its mouth open.
I’m marching to protect us all. Drumf’s decisions will result in the deaths of some of the most vulnerable members of our community. That’s unacceptable. People shouldn’t have to fear for their lives for being who they are. Everyone is affected by this so we all have to fight back. As much as I hate that poisonous clementine, I love my community more. I’m marching to protect us all. I’m marching for myself. I’m marching because it’s all I can so to combat my fear and anger.

I’m a 19 year old non-binary woman and my chronic illness forced me to drop out of high school. I live with my parents and am on my way to getting my GED. I’m training a service dog for myself and hope to pursue dog training as a career after college. My greatest fear is that my mental illness will get the best of me before I can experience the beauty of this world.

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