Ten Marchers

Randi Nemeroff
Why I Am Joining The March : I am standing up as a voice of a disabled, Bisexual, Pagan Jewish woman who will not stand idly by as any of our rights try be taken away from us by this administration, Congress or the Senate. I will stand in solidarity with my sister’s and brothers in the LGBTQ community; for the rights of immigrants, Muslims, POC and anyone else that could be targeted in any way by this administration and it’s agenda. I will not sit by and see history repeat itself… Never again will we see Ghettos, pogroms and targeting any group of people for their religion, color of their skin, their disabilities, or where they came from. To all my bothers and sisters including any minority or persons labeled as “other”, do not give up. We are going to bed one another more than ever before. I stand with you all.

#NeverTrump #Resist #NotMyPresident #StrongerTogether #YesWeCan #ImWithYou
Hally Weaver
Why I Am Joining The March : Without regular medical care, I will die. With a progressive form of epilepy, Crohns and fibromyalgia, I can not afford to not have regular treatments, but with the new legislation on the table, I may not even be given an opportunity to NOT be able to afford healthcare.

Website: http://bikeleptic.com
Robin Berenholz
Why I Am Joining The March : I was very disappointed that due to multiple disabilities I would not be able to join the Women’s March on Washington or Philadelphia. Thank you for putting this together and allowing those of us with disabilities to have a voice and be counted as opposing the presidency of Trump. As a disabled person who depends on Social Security Disability, a Caucasian Jewish woman, the daughter of a Holocaust surviver, mother of a gay son and son-in-law, aunt to an African American neice, and great aunt to a precious mixed race nephew, it is clear to me that Trump, his advisors, and his cabinet picks don’t care about our wellbeing and threaten our very democracy. Trump is not my president and never will be. We need to stand up against this misogynistic, hateful, anti-education for the poor, white supremacist leaning, and money hungry regime that seems to be against all of the principles our country was built on.
Amy Foehrkolb
I am joining the march because as a result of MS I am unable to walk short distances well, much less long ones. I’ve never been so affected by an election or politics in my life. I stand with every single woman who is outraged and appealed by the blatant sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and ableism that is apparent in the upcoming administration.



Why I Am Joining The March : To make my voice heard.

“we all move forward when we
recognize how resilient
and striking
the women around us are”

– rupi kaur

We all move forward when we recognize how resilient and striking the women, people of color, queer, minorities, people with disabilities, mentally atypical, non-christian around us are.
Anna Hight
Why I Am Joining The March : I am scared to death. Every bone in my body wants to fold up and hide in the dark, keep my head down, bury myself in sand and stay there until this has passed.

The thing is, if we don’t do something, this won’t pass. This will be the new normal, and I can’t handle that.

So this is me, ‘marching,’ in my own way. Because I am stronger than fear, and this will not be the new normal. I refuse.
Joseph Preti
I am a type 1 diabetic and paraplegic. I am honored that you have offered me the opportunity and means to be part of the Women’s March on Washington. I join in your protest against Donald Trump and all he stands for. I’m joining The March because I am very sad and also find myself having feelings of great fear. I have family and friends who voted for Trump, people I love and would give my life. This only confuses me more. If someone were to tell me that this incredible country could elect someone so completely unsuited and unqualified as Trump I would not have believed it. Fear will cause people to believe things too good to be true. I stand with you my sisters, the poor, the old, the young, LGBTQ, Muslims, people of color, disabled (such as myself), Latinas’ and all others who will suffer. I love my country but I have never been so disappointed, sad and frightened.

Kim Fennelly
I’m joining the march because as a woman living with Huntington’s Disease and having a daughter with Cerebral Palsy, I can not sit quietly and watch as Trump becomes President.

Sue Read bbins (may be Sue Read Robbins)

I can’t join the march due to a health issue but I am definitely there in spirit. I firnly believe that health care is a human right and not a privilege. Repealing the ACA is not the answer, expanding Medicare makes more sense. I am also deeply concerned that Trump’s picks for his Cabinet are a threat to the agencies they will oversee and generally unqualified for their respective positions. I can only imagine what he has in mind for the Supreme Court. The GOP should be ashamed that they let things go this far and that this buffoon is going to hold a position of such power for four years. All the GOP candidates were aware that this man presented a threat to our country and yet they stood on the sidelines and watched it happen for the sole purpose of gaining the power to gut government programs. The Dems share some blame as they backed the wrong candidate.


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