6 Marchers

To Stand with those who are making change in the world we need in today’s world and voice to those who need a voice to speak not for them but beside them.


Janet Black
Never have I been so concerned about the future of my country. I’m horrified that the people of this country have elected someone who is narcissistic, racist, misogynist and hateful. We stand to not only lose the progress we have made with regards to human rights but also environmental protections. The public good has been subjugated to the greed of billionaires and corporations. I hope we will be able to survive the next four years without too much damage and that the people will stand up for the public good. This march is a good start in letting our government know that we will resist their efforts to destroy our democracy.  http://www.janetlblack.com

Diane Jean McHarg
I’m thrilled to join this grand march ,to have my voice counted. I’m a 72years old Mother, Grandmother, Aunt ,teacher. I’d love to join the march in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Due to severe RA and back pain from a fall I get around in an electric wheelchair. I believe in women’s rights, Planed Parenthood, birth control, all women’s health issues.
Kate Michalski
The America I live in recognizes the dignity and acceptance of all. A nation formed by immigrants that built this nation one brick, one field at a time. My grandmother fought for women’s rights in the early 1900’s, I was in the first class to graduate women from the Trenton NJ Police Academy in 1974 – there is no going back. This attempt to curse this nation with white, male dominant control must be stood up to and shut down. We must not remain silent – we must make our voices heard. We must make it clear that our America has liberty and justice for ALL.
I marched in the 70’s for women’s rights. I have been an advocate for women, children, animals, and veterans all my life. I have handwritten tons of letters, met with Senators and governors. My body is tired and betrays me now. March for me. March for all of the above and when you don’t think you can take one more step..try. It’s all any of us can ask. We need healthcare not voucher care, reproductive care, and the right to speak for those rights. Be our feet and I will join in your voice.

Victoria Wolf
Really like this idea of helping folks march for causes they believe in and whom are unable for whatever reason to do so, but who would love to participate out on the streets with others who understand, and want to protect, civil rights for all the American people.

So believe in the power of marching together, setting a course, steering our great ship toward own higher ideals, expressed so wonderfully in our founding documents; ‘all Created equal with certain unalienable rights … ‘

Remembering too, the Pledge of Allegiance; ‘one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all.’

Women’s equal rights are critical to our nation’s health. especially at this time in history with a new president that dismisses women as useful tools, to do whatever you want with them, to them, whenever you need them.

This belief, and those behaviors, are unacceptable to this citizen, her daughters, and granddaughters. Wishing the very best to all the women, and men who stand up, who march in support of mothers, wives, daughters.



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