Brian Ault

Brian has dark blonde curly hair and a gray shirt. His hands are clenched in a fist and his arms are crossed over his chest in his best Wonder Woman impression.

I want to say that I lent my voice against the man in the White House with zero intellectual curiosity or care for anyone who doesn’t support him 100% as he enters office. A man whose voice gives me anxiety migraines. Who believes, along with far too many of my fellow countrymen, that my autism came from a needle rather than simple genetics. And being in the sister march going on today in Reno is too much for me, would give me an immense amount of anxiety and lead to a meltdown. Also, I want to be a source of comfort in the years to come to anyone, man or woman, NT or autistic, able-bodied or disabled, who will be on the front lines of the protests and battles to come.

I’m an actor/writer and nerdy lover of Doctor Who, Marvel comics, and hockey with a California heart who is currently living in Reno, NV. You can friend me on Facebook (though I don’t post often), or read my blog Envisage Traveler Studios.

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