Deborah Dozier

Hello All,

Solidarity from California!!

I am an Associate Professor at Palomar College. I work full-time from home because I am too disabled to work on campus. I teach my classes online.

I have sent two pictures of myself. One is a selfie, the other image is a sculpture of mine that was created out of broken waste scraps of metal I found abandoned in the sands of the Mojave Desert where I live. I collected them up and arranged them in this sculpture which I call The Happy Bighorn. The Bighorn Sheep is a much oppressed native creature of the Mojave that has been disabled by human takeover of its habitat. This sculpture represents every victory I have had over those who dissed me because I am disabled. It represents each victory over my illness and those who pushed me aside because of my disabilities. Nothing will ever keep me down!!! I will always push back!!!

I wish I could be at the march. I have been at many great marches throughout my short 65 years on Earth and I am still going to march virtually for the civil and human rights of all people on this planet as long as my keyboard and dictation tools hold out!!

Deborah Dozier
Department of American Indian Studies and American Studies
Palomar College

“Live like you will die tomorrow and learn like you will live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” Alice Walker

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